Reviews (fake)

Simply the best children's book I've read. This week. With characters named Solomon and Ivy in. OK, maybe the second best.

Lin E. Rainbow, Hero Town News

* * *

I read every other word. It made no sense at all. Five stars out of five. I urge everyone to buy it as soon as is humanly, or animaly, possible.

Eamonn Indastreet, Hero Town

* * *

Sorry, I dropped it in the bath. The first sentence was completely adequate though.

Eamonn Indabath, Hero Town

* * *

Just brilliant! A wonderful achievement that will stand the test of time! Errr, it was about an invasion of nuclear crows, right? I was a little distracted by watching the match I'm afraid.

Eamonn IndaHeroTownArena, Tier 7, Row AA, Seat 27

* * *

Errr, excuse me, do you have an appointment?

Orwina Berlin, Zero Town Enigma (Quarterly)